About the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota

The Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota (MPM) formed in 1994 as a community initiative to promote mentoring for Minnesota youth. For 20 years, MPM has been a consistent presence to mentoring organizations throughout the state and leads the mentoring movement to ensure youth and mentors have access to high-quality mentoring experiences.

MPM’s Vision: Quality mentoring experiences for all young people

MPM’s Mission: Our mission is to build and elevate the capacity of programs, systems and policies to strengthen youth mentoring relationships.

MPM’s Guiding Principles:

  • Champions for youth/healthy youth development: MPM believes that young people are fully capable of thriving and reaching success in their lives.
  • Embracing assets and strength-based approach to work: MPM does not operate from a deficit or risk perspective; MPM celebrates and recognizes the many gifts that our youth bring us.
  • Innovation/entrepreneurial leadership: MPM provides leadership for innovative responses to the ever-evolving needs of the mentoring field.
  • Research-driven: MPM believes that the quality of our achievements is based on the successful implementation of evidence-based research.
  • Continuous improvement: MPM embraces high standards for quality and excellence within the organization and throughout the mentoring field, using data to create a learning culture.
  • Partnership with programs and communities: MPM leverages and extends our work through community partnerships and collaborations.
  • Servant leadership: MPM encourages and supports others through participatory leadership, a core concept of servant leadership.

What We Do

MPM supports and collaborates with more than 300 mentor programs that serve approximately 200,000 youth of all ages (primarily 8-18) in mentoring relationships across Minnesota. While growth is a vital component of connecting more young people with mentors, MPM is dedicated to making sure those connections are quality matches, made through quality mentoring programs.

  • Assess quality and support continuous improvement efforts for all mentoring experiences.
  • Identify, collect and synthesize research and best practices within the mentoring and youth development field.
  • Disseminate tools, knowledge, and best practices from mentoring and youth development practitioners and researchers.
  • Develop and enhance capacity within mentoring programs, systems and infrastructures.
  • Provide policy platform/advocacy alignment with all youth development community partners.
  • Enlist broader community and funding support for mentoring programs.

Why We Do What We Do

Mentoring Works! Young people who have mentors have a better chance of succeeding and are more likely to make positive choices. Yet, in Minnesota there are an estimated *250,000 young people who need and could benefit from an adult mentor.

Our Strategic Plan

In 2013, MPM’s board of directors gathered feedback and guidance from stakeholders to set a new strategic direction for MPM through 2016. (See the 2014-2016 Strategic Plan Dashboard.) MPM’s focus is on six key strategic areas:

  • Sustain an engaged network of mentoring programs
  • Serve a multi-state region
  • Implement new program innovations to support a wider range of mentoring needs
  • Deepen public policy support for mentoring
  • Lead the call for increased quality mentoring
  • Operate from a sustainable business model that includes a diversified funding model

*Based on MPM’s report Mapping the State of Mentoring: Collective Impact of Mentoring in Minnesota reflecting number of youth served


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