A new survey shows that Minnesota’s foundation grant-makers expect to stabilize their giving, after two years in which they anticipated declines

From MinnPost:

“The Minnesota Council on Foundations surveyed 118 Minnesota grant-makers in October and November and found:

  • Half of Minnesota grant-makers surveyed expect their giving to stay about the same as 2010 levels. Most who expect to either increase or decrease their giving this year anticipate only modest changes of 4 percent or less.
  • For 2011, 35 percent of grant-makers expect to give more than in 2010, while 10 percent expect to give less. This is an improvement over expectations captured last year when just 25 percent expected increases and 30 percent expected decreases during 2010.
  • Grant-makers’ optimism about the stock market recovery and potential to earn stronger returns on investments is reflected in their 2011 asset outlook. Of those foundations with assets, 58 percent expect them to increase, 31 percent expect them to stay the same, and just 3 percent anticipate a decrease — percentages nearly identical to 2010 outlook numbers. The majority of grant-makers who expect assets to increase estimate modest growth of 4 percent or less.”

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About Mai-Anh Kapanke

Mai-Anh Kapanke is the executive director of the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota. Kapanke graduated from Michigan State University with a journalism degree. During the 2013-2014 program year, she was selected for a Humphrey Policy Fellowship at the University of Minnesota. In 2011, she completed the Institute for Executive Director Leadership program through the University of St. Thomas. Prior to her work in the mentoring arena, Kapanke was a television news reporter and weather anchor. She has served as a mentor with both Mentor Duluth and Kids 'n Kinship and currently coaches her daughter's soccer team.
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